Chakra Implant and Parasite Removal Service with Reading, Video Recording
Chakra Implant and Parasite Removal Service with Reading, Video Recording
Chakra Implant and Parasite Removal Service with Reading, Video Recording
Chakra Implant and Parasite Removal Service with Reading, Video Recording
Chakra Implant and Parasite Removal Service with Reading, Video Recording
Chakra Implant and Parasite Removal Service with Reading, Video Recording
Chakra Implant and Parasite Removal Service with Reading, Video Recording


Chakra Implant and Parasite Removal Service with Reading, Video Recording

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Why should you remove your Chakras? Chakras are a slave system created to keep us from getting too powerful in our magick practices. They keep us looped in constant "Chakra balancing" instead of getting to the root of the problem. They are put there by our own thoughts and sometimes I believe malicious beings keep us enslaved. I removed my Chakras 3 years ago and received a tremendous burst of power and a greater connection to my higher self. 
The third eye is a misconception and is always there....with or without chakras. Without the chakras, the power is sent to all parts of our body instead of trapped in these vortexes. Giving us a greater ability to practice our true power and abilities. You can feel the energy flowing through to places you never knew it could! 
I am not removing the energy or energy centers, I am removing the implants that moderate or restrict the energy. Without them, the energy flows naturally to where you need it. Sometimes 2 sessions are necessary if you have too many implants or blockages. These are free of charge. Parasite removal is included. 
If there are parasites present, I remove them and release the emotions associated with them. Otherwise, they may return. 
What will happen once you purchase and set up your appointment time: I will email you and we can discuss the issues of your specific concern during this time. You will get a video of your ritual as well if requested. I will need a recent photo before I start the process. 
Thank you and talk soon! 
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Chakra Removal Guide

Here I will address the common questions and explain the process and possible side effects of the Chakra Removal Process. I videotape all my sessions, explaining in detail what I am doing, and send it to my client afterward.


Why would we remove our Chakras? I and others have received gnosis from different spirits including our higher selves that the Chakras are astral energetic implants that are meant to keep us chained and our energy blocked and weak. I have found this to be true. I removed my chakras 3 years ago and the difference is amazing. The energy flows through my body more freely and it brought about great changes in my third eye vision, astral sight, and magickal practices.


Will this affect your third eye and will you be able to still connect to source energy or higher consciousness? The answer is yes and even better! My astral sight became extremely clear and I was able to astral project easier, remote view, and connect with spirits and guides on a deeper clearer level.


Will this affect your kundalini? Yes, I found that it increases the kundalini in your body and due to the kundalini not being restricted, it is able to fill your whole body instead of only the chakra areas, making it more controllable and powerful.


Does removing the chakras cause you to be more vulnerable to parasites? No, in fact, quite the opposite. Removing chakras for people I have found that many smaller parasitic entities live inside the chakra and feed off it. I have been attacked (unsuccessfully) by parasites removing chakras because they lived there, and I was taking away their food source. The more you work on your chakras, the harder it is for me to take them out. They have roots and parasites.


What should you expect after Chakra removal? Clients have reported an immediate feeling of lightness in their body and increased energy. Some report feeling slightly “hungover” after the operation due to the energy body needing rest and to basically reset itself. It’s very important to do a grounding after any energy work. You may find you have to rethink your energy practices but with that is great rewards. Other reports by people have been vivid dreams in which guides and spirits talk to them (same night), a freedom feeling, and increased zest for life. This is most likely due to me destroying the parasites feeding off my client’s energy.


How do I remove the Chakras and what is my process? All I do is ask my clients to relax, asleep is best but not necessary. At this point, I summon my guides and helpers asking for protection for me and my client. I will tap into their energy body and with my astral sight, see the implants and remove them with my energy body. I see most of them as old television tubes and they have rooted a lot of the time. If there are parasites, they will try to attack me but I blow them up in the astral. I throw the chakra inside my portal of no return and seal up the holes with positive energy. Once I am done with the larger chakras, I then incinerate the smaller ones with my astral fire. I will hear them pop like balloons and my clients will feel a rush of energy at this point as it's flooding their astral body. Then the removal is complete! I highly suggest getting healing done a week after or healing yourself if you do reiki or healing of any kind.

If you have any more questions than what I have listed here, please do not hesitate to contact me at my email:

Thank you and take care! Remember, you ARE the magick 😉



Customer Reviews

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Sean Zehnder
Extremely transformative healing experience

All I can say is wow! I just got the chakra implant removal done from Sara and I feel like a million bucks. Before the healing I was drowning in my own emotions. I was overwhelmed and it was causing me all kinds of problems in my life. After the healing I feel as light as a feather and literally when she was done with the healing I felt this euphoria like I had the weight of the world taken off of my shoulders. I couldn’t help but smile and enjoy this sense of relief from my body . During the healing my astral sight opened up and I was able to see my guides standing around me watching the procedure. To those on the fence this will be worth it for you. I feel more like myself after the rite and still can’t stop smiling as I write this. Sara truly has your best interest in mind and will take good care of you. Thanks again!!!

A must-do service for those who seek to elevate themselves

Sara is very pleasant to work with. She’s very communicative, answered all of my questions, and even followed me up after the removal. The video recording was very detailed and insightful too. If you’re reading this now, just go for it seriously, you won’t regret it! You found her services, consider yourself lucky. I’m so glad I found her services. Thank you Sara, I will be back again!

Dylan Abbott
Chakra centre's removal

I found Sara while researching how the convert energy. Before booking this service Sara provides I had problems with energy collecting and building up, like it was being trapped between different centers in my body causing an unbalanced experiences , unwanted feelings and negative outlooks on situations I've been through. Now energy feels like it flows through me like someone turned a tap on full blast I can feel it flow through like it enters my head and leaves my feet. I recommend this service to everyone.

Terry Green

Booking this service with Sara was probably the best move I ever made and I am so grateful to Sara ,my patron and guides for sending me to her. She did not just remove my chakras (which, thankfully in spite of doing yoga for years I could never feel an affinity for) but some kind of implants over my heart and third eye, which explains literally every problem I have had in my life- I had always wondered why I had been so cold and detached from everything and everyone, and why in spite of being incredibly intuitive, dream, astral and trance work was so difficult for me. I could feel where she took them out, both places were a little tender. If you are concerned about getting chakras taken out, don't be; it is like all those voices which tell you what you cannot do all the time are gone and I have so much energy and motivation all of a sudden. My mind is clearer, and doing qi gong and yoga is now so much more effective without all the prana then being drained or sucked back out of you. I was a little nervous about it but all my guides were literally screaming at me to go for it and I am so happy I did.

Seer Bleeya’Al
Vibing now with the Universe

All I can say is WOW! I never knew the human body could feel so at peace and feel the vibrations all around it’s surroundings! My ritual senses have increased, and my body now vibrates to a new exciting beat! I cleansed each ritual tool I have and re-consecrated them with my new vibes and the experiences have been insane. Thank you Sara for awakening a new me for the better! You rock!!

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