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Deep Implant and Blockage Parasite Negavity Removal Energy Work. Reiki Included!
Deep Implant and Blockage Parasite Negavity Removal Energy Work. Reiki Included!
Deep Implant and Blockage Parasite Negavity Removal Energy Work. Reiki Included!
Deep Implant and Blockage Parasite Negavity Removal Energy Work. Reiki Included!
Deep Implant and Blockage Parasite Negavity Removal Energy Work. Reiki Included!
Deep Implant and Blockage Parasite Negavity Removal Energy Work. Reiki Included!


Deep Implant and Blockage Parasite Negavity Removal Energy Work. Reiki Included!

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*I need a photo before this working* If no photo is provided by the appt time, you will be rescheduled. *
I can see into your astral body and remove any implants, negativity, and parasites that may be present. I go in and name, the emotions, and blocks that the parasites are feeding off them before releasing. Otherwise, they may return. 
I can do this remotely and will only take about 15-20 minutes. Reiki after removal is included in the session! 
For curse removal or larger entity attacks please contact Disco at
How can parasites and implants affect your life?
Implants can be placed in your energy body to keep you from achieving your true potential and magickal abilities. They can even be programmed to do various things, such as suck your energy, hinder your natural gifts, or even keep others at a distance.
Once removed your will move past your plateau of spiritual growth. 
Parasites can feed off of your energy and plateau your power and abilities. They may cause depression, anxiety, insomnia, and several other mental issues.
Book with me and I will contact you via email for your appointment! 
 I will need a recent photo before I start the process. 
I will not remove the chakra implants as this is a separate service! 
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Parasites can suck your energy, cause physical damage and cause a change in thought processes much like implants. They cause many of the same symptoms that having physical parasites would do. They live somewhere in between the Saturn layer and the physical layer of dimensions or the astral. That's why they can cause physical symptoms in people. It also makes them the easiest to see.
Here is a list of the most common parasites I find in people! (I suck at drawing but I may attempt it in the future for you guys)
Octopus-These I have seen outside the energy body, in the environment of the client. I have seen them inside the energy body too and seem to have a likeness for the ear area. They feed off your energy and I'm guess cause some negative thoughts. I call them ear squids. These are one of the strongest parasites that I have come across.
Eel or Wormlike creature: These live in any part of the energy body and seem to leave these nasty holes wherever they have been. I have seen them in the head area the most often although I have seen them in other places and I would say the second most likely is the gut area. These nasty assholes cause a lot of damage to your energy body and take longer to heal, the longer they "feed" the bigger they get. They seem to eat negative thoughts around their victim. They may emit a frequency causing these thoughts or most likely they are just magnifying what is already there. They are easily destroyed by Blue Fire Reiki or by just being pulled out.
Spine Centipede: These are the length of the spine of the host....It's a giant centipede. The back pain they cause is real. They are pulled out but the area really needs to be healed well as it leaves an imprint of the creature behind.
Ants: These look like large ants and just live there in your energy body. They seem to feed off the chakra implant energy. They lay eggs like a lot of the parasites do, only on the outside of the people's energy body, not inside like many of the smaller parasites. These are living creatures after all. Easily destroyed with Blue Fire Reiki.
Spiders: They are about the same strength as the ants and also live in the chakra implant areas. They range from tiny to huge and can be seen climbing walls when you're half asleep if you have any astral vision at all. Easily killed with Blue Fire. Seem to feed off past or future drug or alcohol addiction.
Scorpions: I hate these ones. They actually attack you back when you try to take them out. But are about the same strength as the spiders and ants. So easily killed by Blue Fire or any amount of strong energy. These guys are also linked to drug or alcohol addiction.
Now, these are only a few of the most common ones that I see. I don't know everything about them obviously and what I did write is my intuition and connections I have made with the energy.

Customer Reviews

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This actually works like a Miracle

I found her website and decided to give this a try. Every healer I went to before her never actually helped me, I never actually felt the treatments. For a while I thought it was my fault. But as soon as she started I feel the rush of energy and physically felt relief! It really is like a hot shower after some extreme hiking and needing to take a 10 hour nap to revitalize your energy. This was what I’ve been praying for and I’m definitely recommending her to my friends! She’s a powerful miracle worker!

Rid Me of all Implants/Parasites

Sara knows what she is doing and got rid of all the parasites/implants that I never knew I had.

Unfortunately, I seem to be dealing with something other than an implant, and only hands on healers can tune into it. It's like a live electronic fish that swims from my root to my solar plexus.

This is something I have to deal with on my own it seems, as remote healers are also unable to pinpoint this. Not sure what word to use to describe it, and I did just assume it was an implant without having any clue about what an implant actually was.

I did have another healing with a different reader the same night (it's one of those years) who said I was clear aside from one implant on the neck/throat. Perhaps some things are there for a reason.

removal of some parasite and implants

this is my review from the deep implant and parasite removal Long story short I was attacked by some paranormal entities to a degree I should have died, after one year of physical recovery I started venturing into energy work as a plaudable way of dealing with these Paranormal problems. I was recommended saras’s sit in a group and I found a few services that could potentially help me out of misery, I opted for the deep implants and parasites removal because I was almost a 100% sure that I had certain astral beings stuck all over my body. While I was undergoing the service I immediately felt a physical relief from my body or emotional, my energy levels rose I wasn't being tormented anymore within my heart mind I energetically felt some stuff leaving my body. I wasn't being triggered anymore by certain thoughts And overall I just felt like a lot of low vibratory energies were removed from my body. The service itself was about 45 minutes I think it definitely felt like taking a hot shower after one week of camping or a five days week festival and then just going to sleep for 24 hours because your body is so tired so I'm glad I got the service done and I haven't felt these entities coming back since then. I give this overall a a three star rating just because I know what personally happened to me and what happened is one of the worst and hardest thing that could happen to an individual. So I you are a “new ager” and got attacked by “demons” I recommend going through this site and looking for something that can help you out. also you dont just get the service you ask for but more than that like the reiki bleu flame and a vedio of her performing the service explaining what is going on. Overall i find her experienced in her work and def worth it.

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