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Sara Petrucelly

I am a black witch and entrepreneur. I have been practicing Infernal Magick for 7 years and have developed a system of healing that is quick and powerful. I specialize in developing third eye abilities, attunements, cleanses of the energy body, mind and spirit. My services have helped people achieve their energetic goals, break plateaus of growth, and propel them into huge life changes goals since 2019. I work with mainly with the Infernal spirits including Azazel, Lilith Asmodeus, Lucifuge and many more. Please reach out to me if you would like to have a consultation about your individual needs and I can make recommendations. 

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I have so much content and information to give on the subject of astral sight, healing, remote viewing, how to see parasites, implants and protect yourself against attacks, witchcraft, and much more! I have made my 3rd Tier hard to pass up! With 2 monthly rituals, including a money spell! Check it out!
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This Tier will give you all the perks of the other tiers plus one extra healing with Goetia's Buer every month. Buer is the best I have found at relieving anxiety, depression and physical ailments very quickly. If you have a particular need for this healing, send me a message, otherwise it will be a general overall feel-good type healing. I will do a full evocation ritual for this!

Included is also: *Content *3 spells a month done for you automatically (Cleansing and Third Eye Enhancement and some months I do a general mind body and soul healing, a money spell.) I have been doing these with Mammon. *One on One phone call Consultation or Email Etc. I can answer several questions if necessary. Live Q&As *Videos *30% Store Discount @ www.blacktreeblueraven.com



Anastasia Lovelace


I'm Anastasia and I am a 4th generation indigenous chaos witch. I was born to a Mother who had deep rooted connections into the craft. She was the daughter of a hoodoo practitioner who was the daughter of parents who were a Shaman and a Medicine man. My occult roots run deep. I specialize in curses, hexes, cord cuttings, bindings, lust-passion rituals, self love empowerment, revenge and potions & ritual anointment oils (upon request and will be available for purchase in my store front coming soon) 

I studied Demonology, folklore, occultism and parapsychology from a young age. I went on to get a Masters in Forensic Psychology with a Minor in Mental Health and Human Services. I worked with the public for 15 years, from being a social worker on death row to working at a psychiatrics facility with forensic patients. I became a Mom and my life changed and my views went from serving the public to serving my children. I felt something missing deeply in my life, it was serving others in need with my powerful capabilities while still being able to be a loving supportive Mom. I do a great deal of work with Santa Muerte, Hekate, Aphrodite, The Morrigan, Lucifer, Asmodeus, the Ancestors and many more. Please reach out to me if you would like to have a consultation about your situation and Sara and I can make recommendations.

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If you have any questions please feel free to email me at Thelovelacewitch@gmail.com 

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