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I am a practicing witch and entrepreneur. I got into this business with the help of Azazel and many other wonderful spirits. They taught me so much about magick along with my brother Enoch Petrucelly. I worked hard to develop my skills in the astral to assist in the healing of my clients. I love helping people heal and it's my soul purpose! 

Ravens and crows have always been messengers for me and reminders that we are all magickal. I do not want to remain a slave to this society and its programming, and neither should you. I love working, being with my kids, and doing my hobbies including hiking martial arts. 

I have been taught various healing practices from the spirits and thank them so much for all their help and support! 


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I finally created my teaching platform! Please support me on Patreon! 🤗

I have so much content and information to give on the subject of astral sight, healing, remote viewing, how to see parasites, implants and protect yourself against attacks, witchcraft, and much more! I have made my 3rd Tier hard to pass up! With 2 monthly rituals, including a money spell! Check it out!
These are my Tiers! 👇
*Tier Labradorite: This will give you access to my posts, lives, videos, and I'll any answer questions you have! You will automatically receive a 10% discount on my online store for merch and services.
*Tier Moonstone: This Tier gives you full access to all my information, posts, lives, videos and I'll answer your questions. You will receive a free monthly ritual cleansing, enhancement, energy healing, third eye boost as part of this tier!
And you will automatically receive a 20% discount on my online store for merch and services!
*Tier Sapphire: You will get all the benefits of the lower tiers plus one on one consultation with me (0nce a month), via video chat or email. Whichever you prefer! Plus not only will you receive the free cleansing, third eye enhancement ritual monthly, you will also get a put into my monthly Mammon money spell! That is 2 workings done for you monthly automatically. I will post the videos or pictures of the rituals being performed for this Tier.
You will automatically receive a 30% discount on my online store for merch and services.


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