About Us

I am a practicing witch and entrupenture. I got into this business because I decided that my life would no longer be controlled by a job that I despise. I love creating new things in the world of magick and work closely with the infernal spirits themselves. They have a hand in all of my work and helping us create the freedom and life we deserve! Ravens and crows have always been messengers for me and reminders that we are all magickal. I do not want to remain a slave to this society and it's programming and neither should you. 

We are a family from Fairfield Maine. My very talented partner Nate is the artist/designer.  I am running the websites, marketing, assist with the design and creation of our projects. Even the kids help out!! 

We are so glad you have visited us! 

If you have any questions or concerns on our products or custom design requests please email us!

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I also have a YouTube Channel of Magickal accent and tips!