NEW! Chakra Removal Mini Video Course!
NEW! Chakra Removal Mini Video Course!


NEW! Chakra Removal Mini Video Course!

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This is a one-of-a-kind mini course on how to improve your psychic abilities and how to affectively remove Chakra implants from yourself and other people! 

Includes Chakra Removal PDF

I also go into my recommended practices and products to help open your third eye abilities!! 
I will message you the link to the Teachable platform upon purchase. Thank you! 

What are the effects of Chakra Removal? More energy, more power, more abilities and more enlightenment!

What are the effects of Chakra Removal?
*Less stagnation
*More energy
*More Power
*Less Mental Fog
*Intrusive thoughts
*Increase intuition
*Life Path
*Spiritual Energy
*Psychic Abilities
*Remote Viewing
*Clairvoyance – seeing what cannot be seen by the human eye.
*Clairaudience – hearing what cannot be heard by the human ear.
*Clairsentience – feeling the feelings of others as in empathy.
*Claircognizance – clearly knowing without needing to use the physical mind.
*Clairalience – smelling what cannot be smelled by the human nose.
*Clairgustance – tasting what cannot be tasted by the human tongue.

Why should you remove your Chakras Implants? Chakras are a slave system created to keep us from getting too powerful in our magick practices. They keep us looped in constant "Chakra balancing" instead of getting to the root of the problem. They are put there by our own thoughts and sometimes I believe malicious beings keep us enslaved. I removed my Chakras 5 years ago and received a tremendous burst of power, a greater connection to my higher self and my third eye was enhanced beyond my imagination! 
The third eye is a misconception and is always there....with or without chakras. Without the chakras, the power is sent to all parts of our body instead of trapped in these vortexes. Giving us a greater ability to practice our true power and abilities. You can feel the energy flowing through to places you never knew it could!

I am not teaching to remove the energy or energy centers; I remove the implants that moderate or restrict the energy. Without them, the energy flows naturally to where you need it

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