The Introduction to my upcoming Ebook about Chakra Removal


Chakra removal, a concept that was never even considered up until only a few years ago. At least publicly. The first time I heard about it from anyone other than my brother was on the old Become a Living God channel on YouTube. My brother is an occult author and has been practicing a bit longer than me, in fact he taught me a lot about what I know today. He was my mentor up until I knew enough to develop my own ways of doing magick. Chuck (my brother’s nickname) called me up one day and told me that Lucifer had told him that chakras were control mechanisms placed there and were not organic to our energetic bodies. My mind was sort of blown in that moment because I, like so many others, had fallen into the trap of balancing and cleansing my chakras daily. I was trying to fix what I thought was “wrong with me” and according to most spiritual books at the time, it was all due to clogged or unbalanced chakras. But at least I got good at moving energy and yoga is still a great practice so it was not all bad. I knew he was right, Instantly, something inside me clicked in that moment and I knew what I had to do.

 I looked up chakra removal on YouTube and found this lady who showed you how to take them out in an easy, uncomplicated way. I sat down and copied what she did. I did it again another way too a bit later on “just in case”. It was hard because my astral site was non existent at the time so I fumbled my way through it. When I say it worked, I mean I saw a dramatic difference in almost every aspect of my practice and my life. After that, everything changed.

In the rest of this book, I will be going over everything I know to this date about Chakra removal, everything I have learned in the past 5 years since doing it myself and doing it for so many others as well. I do not know everything and do not pretend to. There are no absolutes in magick or energy work in general, it is our own individual experiences that matter.


How to Remove your Chakras