The Advanced Empowerment: A Call To Multiversal Life Riches, Psychic, Power and Knowledge
The Advanced Empowerment: A Call To Multiversal Life Riches, Psychic, Power and Knowledge
The Advanced Empowerment: A Call To Multiversal Life Riches, Psychic, Power and Knowledge
The Advanced Empowerment: A Call To Multiversal Life Riches, Psychic, Power and Knowledge
The Advanced Empowerment: A Call To Multiversal Life Riches, Psychic, Power and Knowledge


The Advanced Empowerment: A Call To Multiversal Life Riches, Psychic, Power and Knowledge

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This ritual helps with:

*Spiritual Stagnation
*Feeling Stuck
*Feeling Disconnected
*Past Life Regressions
*Power Increase
*Stuck In Poverty Consciousness
*Life Purpose
*Casting Spells
*Timeline Jumping for Ultimate Success in the Physical Realm
*Becoming the best version of you
*Psychic Abilities
*Karmic Past Life Trauma
*Energy Healing 
I open portals in the multiverse and bring the best of yourself, your future selves, successful selves, and share the energy with you. This will make you good at things you were not good at before, draw in success, money and opportunities. Connect you to the multiverse for easier manifestations and timeline jumping. The possibilities appear to be...endless. 
I also have to mention that from doing this now for several clients, that it is also a multiverse attunement of sorts. This will connect you to your other "selves" and thin the veil between timelines. This makes jumping them much easier. So quicker manifestations. 
*I will need a recent photo for this working and your full name/birthdate*
Scheduled times for spells and healing are not exact and only secure your spot for the day. If you do not supply a photo before the day of your appointment, your service will be bumped to next available slot. 
No refunds unless for some reason I cannot perform the ritual. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
E.A. Koetting
Sara has worked a potent ritual of empowerment on my behalf, and I am very impressed by her work.

First off, Sara actually performed the ritual. Most people in this field do not. Most people will take your money and tell you they did the ritual, and at most they will send you a photograph of a completely clean altar that they obviously never use for magick.

Sara provided evidence that the ritual was performed through a ritual video which I was sent when the ritual was complete. Hardly anyone else dares to film their rituals, so this detail was a huge signal that Sara isn't pretending, she isn't hiding anything, and she is confident in her magick.

The ritual video began with Sara explaining what the ritual was going to be aimed at, as well as some of the things that I could expect from it. What really blew me away, though, was when she sat back from the camera and started the ritual. I could see her entire being shift as she fell into a deep trance, connecting with the powers she had summoned, receiving communication on my behalf, and petitioning for my welfare. Even more impressive was the fact that I could also FEEL the energies she was directing to me, like a warm blanket of energy surrounding my entire being. After the ritual was complete, she brought herself back to this world and communicated the most essential things she had received for me, and gave me insights in how to maximize my own self-empowerment going forward.

Sara's magick is real, it is powerful, and she is very professional with every aspect of the ritual. She made scheduling the ritual with her very easy, and she even followed up with me before performing it to make sure that everything that we had planned was still what I needed. As far as the end result: there is no doubt that this ritual has worked, through everything delivered in the ritual video, as well as the raw power that she directed into my life.

In an industry filled with scammers and pretenders, Sara is the real deal!

E.A. Koetting

Incredible!!! Life Changing!

I honestly struggle with what to write as the English language is very limited in its ability to appropriately transmit how otherworldly and life changing this is. This type of service deserves a quantum energetic transmission to truly give credit.

It’s been 2 weeks since Sara performed the ritual for me and it continues to build and provide blessings, knowledge, power, psychic abilities, re-connection, remembrance, riches and more that are beyond expectations… and I know it will continue to do so in ways that are beyond space time within the Multiverse. It is exponentially powerful and truly life altering.

I am extremely grateful for Sara. She truly has the purest intentions and is offering services that are extremely powerful and for the highest good of her clients.

Eric Moore
Exponential is putting it mildly

The first thing I gained as a result of this is a much deeper knowledge of myself and my soul's path and origins. I'm spontaneously changing in ways that are beneficial to everything from my creative work to my relationships. I'm able to tap into my energies much more cleanly and powerfully than I could before, and I can channel energy (such as Reiki) MUCH more potently. It couples well with some of the other work I've been doing to integrate different aspects of my soul and tap into initiations undertaken in other lives.

I get the sense this is the sort of rite that will have knock-on effects long after it's done. To me, it feels like the upgrade is on par with initiating through all the spheres of the Qliphoth. Meaning - once the portals are opened, the energies will only strengthen over time. If you're able to handle it, I can't recommend it highly enough.

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