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Lilith's Raging Witch-The Unapologetic Empowerment
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Lilith's Raging Witch-The Unapologetic Empowerment

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If you're tired of:

People Pleasing
Feeling Helpless
Victim Mentality
Poverty Thinking!!
Being Easily Manipulated!

Lilith Can Help you!! 

Embrace your darker elements
Become the Dark Feminine
Lose guilt for putting yourself first
Be who you want unapologetically
Enforce boundaries
Speak your truth
Gain self-confidence
Push away your enemies
Know you enemy
Confidence to chase your dreams

Scheduled times for spells and healing are not exact and only secure your spot for the day. 
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I need a photo before this appointment send to my email blacktreeblueraven@gmail.com

I will evoke Goddess Lilith for you and give you her Raging Witch Empowerment. Lilith is the Goddess of the dark feminine! She is assertive and gets what she wants!

I will need a photo to complete this ritual for you! Please email me after purchase!

This ritual is for all genders. This ritual can be done several times for best results.

Please message me with any questions! or email me at blacktreeblueraven@gmail.com

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Sara js very gifted I am grateful for this service. I feel very confident.


Incredible experience with Sara and Lilith. I highly recommend this service with anyone struggling to let go of bad habits, people, etc. Hail Lilith!!

More boundaries and confidence

This has helped me immensely with my confidence, setting boundaries and feeling more empowered.

Martyn W.
Supercharged deep confidence

This empowerment has without a doubt had a great impact on me already I can feel confidence where before there was self-doubt and confusion. I instinctively know where I stand within myself, and my decision-making ability has just taken a leap forward. I highly recommend your service and I feel the change in me on a deep level which is exactly what I was looking for.

Sean Zehnder
Took me from being a "Nice Guy" / pushover to having an Amazing Assertive Energy

I will start off this review by saying I am a repeat customer of Sara's and would recommend any rite that she does. Her professionalism and the effectiveness of her rites are nothing short of incredible and profound. I purchased this rite in particular as I have been struggling with a low self esteem lately and was in a position where I was sacrificing my own happiness to keep others happy cause I was too afraid to speak up and let my will be known. I was your stereotypical "nice guy." I can say from the moment she performed the rite I felt this strong assertive energy come about me. I felt Lilith's presence and felt my energy body being empowered by her. Since the rite I have felt more assertive and frankly I don't really care of what people think if I say no anymore. I feel like my happiness is the most important in the end and that is what I sought to accomplish with this rite. Sara is an extremely powerful witch and her pre-existing relationship with Lilith is what I believe made this rite so powerful. I feel like I am in a better place to face life and all the trials and challenges that appear along the way. If you are on the fence purchase this rite. You will not regret it! Hail Lilith!

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