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Blue Fire Reiki Attunement with Official Certificate and Guide

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*I need a photo before this working.
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My attunements are powerful, and I recommend being attuned to at least Reiki 1 before doing them! 
Blue Fire Reiki is a healing method given to me by Azazel. It is a little more intense than the light Reiki as it destroys negative energy and parasites in the body. It can destroy weaker implants too! This is an astral weapon. It can be used to cleanse your space and destroy nasty entities outside of your body as well!
Being attuned to Blue Fire Reiki allows you to easily remove negative energy, parasites, and weaker implants in yourself and others! 
It can: 
*Cleanse your space
*Make magickal circles
*Burn away negative energy
*Burn away blocks

This is a foundational piece before the purple fire, white fire, and green magma attunements!! Get all 4 for powerful results in magick, cleansing and so much more. 

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Blue Fire Reiki Attunement Guide

To be attuned to the Blue Fire reiki you must first have all 3 of your Reiki attunements completed. This is to allow the energy to flow into you. I have done attunements for Blue Fire on people who do not have their Reiki attunements and the energy had a hard time flowing. The clients also were blown back by the energy as they were not used it as you would be if you were already attuned to Reiki.

Blue Fire as healing: The Blue Fire as given to me by Azazel is excellent for healing as it is essentially Reiki but has a slightly different frequency. So, it does what the original reiki does to a point but with a slightly different edge to it.

Blue Fire as a weapon: I frequently use the Blue Fire Reiki to destroy implants, smaller parasites, and even sometimes larger toxic or vampiric entities that are feeding off myself or my clients. If they are large but lower vibrational it is not hard to turn them into ashes where they stand. I use it to cleanse my space like sage, filling up the room with fire. It will vaporize negative energy in the room.

How do you use the Blue Fire Reiki? This is something that may vary from person to person. I myself use my imagination and astral sight to picture the Blue Fire engulfing the target area. When you first get attuned, you may envision the fire in your palms, feel the energy raise and go from there. I do not use symbols associated with Blue Fire or my Reiki but this is my choice and I can certainly channel a sigil for you if you wish!

Please remember that this energy burns up negativity and parasites, but it leaves ash or what I call “trash” behind. I also sweep it out of the person's energy body when I am done!

Thank you and please let me know if you have any other questions, comments or feedback!



Customer Reviews

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Amazing it went really well supremely happy with her work she is a superb healer and witch I trust her work because it the real deal love my blue fire attunement. Thank you so much. Awesome customer service too.


Awesome! I love everything I’ve purchased from Sara. I’m using this blue fire attunement daily on myself along with my reiki symbols for healing.


I purchased this a while ago and the black sun attunement just recently, the blue fire is definitely strong and effective when I give it to friends and family they tell me they feel it and feel amazing afterwards, I can’t wait to use the black sun here soon I’m sure it’s just as amazing. I also love the video she sends when giving the attunement.


I love the Blue Fire Reiki! I feel like a super hero able to clear spaces and energy so much faster and easier. It’s an amazing tool to use for myself and others, and I’m so grateful to Sara for this!

I love my blue bug zapper

I've only dabbled in using this for healing purposes so far (mainly to once-over my body for attachments), but I've been dealing with parasites/tricksters for a while, and let me tell you that they do everything in their power to prevent me from conjuring this up and it's almost hilarious to see them try and manifest to get me to stop attacking them. It's also lot easier for me to work with these energies for banishing as opposed to lighter ones I find, which are useful, but often leave me dizzy and unfocused. I'm looking forward to working with this astrally as my senses develop a bit more in that area.

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