The Truth About Implants and Chakras

We are not alone in this dimension time or space. There are creatures who lurk in the shadows and even more importantly who lurk in plain sight. We are harvested for our energy much like in the matrix movies. Humans unaware of their true power are the biggest supply of energy for these interdimensional beings.

There are the lowest parasites which I talk about such as spiders, eel like creatures, shadow people etc, but those are easily remedied with some healthy changes such as diet, exercise and mindful practices of shadow work. They feed off the grime we have in our energy bodies from past trauma, drug use and negative thought patterns.

The real concern is the interdimensional beings, who are extremely intelligent and use advanced technology, spiritual practices such as new age chakra balancing and religion as ways to harvest our energy and our abilities. Giving your chakras energy is like dumping it down the drain just to feed them. Because they are portals into their energy harvesting machines. Some chakra implants are there to block your abilities, but I am seeing more and more of these portals in my clients. It's no longer enough to block them, they are just taking it from you. As far as religion goes, well worship in church and all your energy just goes through the roof and into their portals. Why do you think there's a steeple? You are just giving it away, not to "god" but them. Yahweh is just a pawn for this system. Fear is one of their biggest and most successful tools in controlling the human soul. 

There are other implants designed for specific tasks I have seen in my clients, such as blocking abilities, harvesting their abilities. If you are extremely gifted psychically or magickally, they will have put one of these on you. So, you may go through life unaware you even have gifts because they are being stolen and used to help run harmful technology and who knows what else. 

However, the truth of these creatures is that they are weak, pathetic and nothing compared to us. That is why they work so hard to keep us enslaved. They have no gifts, no empathy, no magick. They might as well be robots or machines. They are scared of us discovering our true power and potential. It will happen, for many of us it has. When it does, they will be even more powerless. Take back your birthrights now!