Witch Power=Psychic Abilities. How to Increase Your Witch Power.

People talk all day about learning and doing spells and having psychic abilities, but rarely do I hear anyone talk about HOW to raise your power level as a witch. This ultimately increases your capability to do Magick. You can learn to all the spells you want but, in the end, it is only as powerful as the witch's energy. I will go through some basic ways to increase power, Magick and psychic capabilities.
1. Get to know your higher self. Do invocations, visualizations of cords to the sky or even just work on connecting to nature more. Talk to your soul self, all knowing self-every day. Really, they know what is best for you and the only ones you can really trust to not have an outside agenda.
2. Work with you Daemon, invoke your Daemon, talk to your Daemon, invoke and do Daemon connection rituals. Your Daemon is your demonic reflection in the demonic realm to put it simply. This does not mean they are your slave in any way shape or form. More like a close teammate who has the same goals in mind. Just like you, they do not appreciate being treated like a slave and WILL fuck you up if need be. My brother Enoch Petrucelly, created a ritual called the Rite of Attainment in his book Witch Grimoire of the Demonic Tongue with BALG. This works very well!! There are other authors like Michael W. Ford who write about this. You can also create one of your own if you are experienced enough with Magick! This does not have to be complicated. Connecting to your Deamon and Demonic Realm will bring a significant power and psychic ability boost. There is also an Angelic reflection of you and the same can be done with that. It is best to have both.
3. Invocations!!! Evocations are nice but do not seem to have quite the same affect. Just sit and feel the energy expand you and your consciousness. Receive messages, ask for help! Possession is another great way to boost power and psychic abilities. This may sound scary to some people but really it is just more of an intense invocation than anything. Make sure you trust the spirit you are working with and have a good working relationship with them.
4. Go through the Qlipoth Gates and the Tree of Life. Now, this is not for everyone and can leave your life in a state of ultimate destruction all and shambles for the greater purpose. But it will be for your benefit, although, a lot of the times, painfully so. I will not go to deep into this subject. There is too much information and research will need to be done on your part before going down this path. Book suggestions for this would be again Witch by Enoch Petrucelly, Kenneth Grant Nightside of Eden and Asenath Mason has books on this too I believe.
5. Attunements, Upgrades, Empowerments galore! Do take it easy please, these can take their toll physically and mentally if not well spaced out. Reiki attunements are where I would start for beginners. This opens up all the channels for what is to come.
6. Take care of your body. Your Magick is only as strong as your body. Although I admit in some cases this is not true. I have seen unhealthy individuals hold vast amounts of power. However, it is highly discouraged by me, as it seems to mentally fuck them. Eat well, exercise, avoid high amounts of stress if possible.
7. Don't just read and learn spells and Magick, actually, practice it. Practice does NOT make perfect. I hate that saying.....!!!! But it certainly helps you complete your goals. You learn the most by doing it!

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