More About Chakra Removal That You May Not Know-Is it Safe?

I have been removing people's chakra implants for going on 3 years now. I have learned so much in the process and also from taking out my own. The energy that these centers contain is unimaginable and removing the implants has long lasting, powerful, positive effects on people. 

Some chakra Implants are portals.

Some chakra implants seem to be portals that consume any energy you push through them. Where they go? I am not sure, but I am sure that it's being harvested and not used for your own good. Take them out and that energy is now yours for the using and no longer feeding the thieves. 

Chakra Implants are full of parasites.

Not all chakra implants are powerful portals from what I have seen. Some are just there to clog the energy. It's like some people have not gotten the "upgraded" chakra implant. This sounds confusing and honestly, I do not understand it all myself. But when this happens, the old mucky energy gets stuck in them and attracts all kinds of nasty parasites including ants, worms and spider parasites. Kind of like a stagnant puddle when it creates mosquitos, it seems to be the same idea. 

Chakra Implants are Inorganic.

They are not organic to the human's energy body. They are mechanical in nature and service a purpose like your car motor does. Like our physical bodies, its best to keep organic matter in our energy bodies. There are ways to create your own implants in the astral and program them for what you want, but this is a whole different subject matter. 

Chakra Implants Inhibit third eye or psychic abilities.

Your special abilities are your birthright. I am a firm believer that humans used to be able to do amazing things with their gifts. Not just the select few, but it was much more common back then. Implants seem to be placed according to your special talents. If you have a natural ability to remote view or astral travel, then implants seem to be placed on the outside of your energy body in your aura. The chakra implants are extra-large in your third eye and even go into your brain to control other natural abilities such as the clairs. 

When you remove your chakra implants, your energy unifies. 

I see people arguing online whether they should unify their chakras or remove them. Well, it's really the same thing and has the same affect. Once the implants are gone, the energy unifies, and you can have one energy center or 22 it does not really matter and is really up to the individual wielding it. 



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