Attunements and Energy Cleanses

Cleansing and attuning your energy to Reiki or other vast energy sources creates a more powerful energy body. Much like when you cleanse your physical body from parasites and toxins. It is harder to be implanted again and your energy body stays in a more natural state of being.

When you cleanse your physical body for example, you'll notice that you start tasting chemicals in your food or become ill when you eat food that is not healthy. Just like this, your energy body will reject anything that is not "natural" to its state of being, creating and sustaining a more powerful DNA. Implanting you becomes nearly impossible, as your energy body simply rejects such technology. Even pushing it out in some cases. Parasites do not have much of a chance of feeding and sustaining life anywhere near you. Attunements especially are a natural bug repellent! 

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