Planetary Detailed Energetic Healing Reading and Protection with Video
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planetary magick
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Planetary Detailed Energetic Healing Reading and Protection with Video


Planetary Detailed Energetic Healing Reading and Protection with Video

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*I need a photo before this working. Scheduled times for spells and healings are not exact and only secure your spot for the day.  Thank you :) *

Example service on YouTube!

I do not do refunds for people who change their mind.

How is your planetary energy doing in the astral?
Full reading included with healing.

How you show up in the world
Emotional Blockages
Emotional Cycles
Toxic Cycles
and so much more! 
Sun-Physical Material Things-Personality
Saturn: Blocks, Boundaries and Life Lessons
Mars: Masculine Energy, Motivation, Reactions, Aggression
Venus: Love and Relationships, Self-Love, Relationship to Money, Beauty
Pluto: Transformation, death and rebirth
Mercury: Mental Energy, Thoughts and Communication
Uranus: Evolutionary Journey, Technology and Rebellion
Neptune: Spiritual Energy, dreams and fantasies
Moon: Feminine, Emotions, Inner World
Jupiter: Luck, Areas of Mastery, Career, Wisdom, money and Success.

I will look through the layers of the planetary layers of your energy body and heal any issues going, remove any implants or impurities I see, then reinforce your layers with walls to better protect you against curses, hexes, bindings etc. 
Why does planetary energy matter? It affects your entire life. Having bad luck with love? Your Venus layer maybe compromised. Having bad luck? Your Jupiter energy maybe less then empowered.

There are 10 layers! 
Here are the planetary energies and their explanations:

Short video of example service:

For the session I will only need a recent photo sent to my email


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Helped alot!

This service was a big help in helping me to connect more with planetary energy. Everything that Sara said during the service resonated. I can definitely tell the difference after the service. I highly recommend this.


Jan 5, 2023

5 out of 5 stars
Thank you Sara. Once again you’ve never failed. I appreciate your service. Thank you, I can always tell when Sara starts my rituals cause I always felt everything she’s doing. Try for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again Sara!

Planets on point

Sara was on point with every layer. Everything she said resonated with me and made sense, and weren’t things she would have known. She’s the real deal. This is a unique service and is highly recommended

Very Powerful!!

I​ reached out and contacted several other women in the LHP who were moving and shaking. A few were to me not moving in my direction but Jennifer with Belladonna Botanicals was amazing. She shifted me towards Sara Petrucelly, of who is local to me, and I booked a Planetary Healing and if you do not get it done? You are by far not smart. I had it done and I have to say, she is not only on point with this, she like myself, records it on video to send to you, which I appreciate after getting screwed with pretty alter photos by people who do not know me and thought they could fake me with false rituals. Sara is by far powerful and potent with her healings and rituals and someone I will go back to. If you are asking, why do you as a healer go to someone else? Sometimes an attorney has a fool for a client. Sometimes a Physician has a fool for a patient.
W​e, as practicioners should not attempt our own healings. I personally do not do my own rituals. If you so choose, that is awesome. I believe in self care and this is my self care and self love. I do not do my own rituals when it comes to healing, some ritual work I do for myself and some protections I hire out on and some I do myself. When I am low energy or confused, I go to others because I know myself and I know when I need help. A master or adept should know when to ask for help and when to heal thyself. This lifestyle is not easy. I do not practice magick. I am magick. It is an extension of my being and when there is a diseased part of my soul I have no issue of getting a second opinion.
O​ur community in the Left Hand Path is fractured. Everyone trying to set their Kingdom up, their empire. I have a path, I have a plan Satan and the Gatekeepers have blazing for me. I know a part of that is unification of the true. We must unite to survive what is coming. Those with true gifts really must learn to trust and depend on each other. To work together for a common good because as EA Koetting says the storm is coming. Where we end when that storm hits is up to us. Ba'al is about connections, about creating, and bonding, about getting out and meeting and bonding and in blazing your Kingdom bonding. No man is an island, no Queen or King can have a kingdom they say without sitting at the table of others and experiencing their table. You learn from others and learning is growth. We all have a purpose in the Left Hand Path and if we live closed off, nothing can be accomplished in our own Kingdom.

Luciabelia satania
Amazing Healing

If you do not get this healing, as a healer, or as a layperson? You are insane. Sara is extremely gifted. The messages that came through to her for me were what I needed to hear. When multiple people at the exact same time give you the same message? Listen, follow and be grateful. Her healing was gentle and humorous as is her personality. I will say that I appreciate the way she handled it and will be back. As healers we should not take on our own healing all the time, and I will always come to Sara to calm, reduce my stress and remove anything necessary. It is great having someone you can trust and believe in. Thank you Sara

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