Magickal Healings

My name is Sara and I run BlackTreeBlueRaven. I am a lover of the magickal arts! I offer healings for your body, mind and soul through a process similiar to Reiki or more powerful. My energy healings zap not just your body, but your entire mind, body and soul with magickal life changing energy! My clients have reported toxic people leaving their lives, bad habits and addictions dropped, soul mates uniting, and blocks in current healthy relationships removed, allowing for more passion and life in the the union. Last but not least, my clients have reported just having more confidence in general. Confidence to be themselves. Most of my clients are not magickal practitioners, although some long distance are witches. These are regular people, having magickal results. 

I do long distance and in person in my home in Fairfield Maine. Check out my Facebook page and book today!

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