Energy Has No Time and Space

Energy has no time and space, I am sure you have heard that. But have you really considered the possibilities of what you can do? If you really, really thought about this, you can literally do anything. Everything is energy. Once you learn to throw some energy around through distance Reiki, or through curses etc. you got it down. Breaking it down for thought, I believe everything is happening at once, like a computer, the matrix is nothing but a giant computer. This how you are able to tap into the "past" and to do distance healings or curses. Because it's all one, it's all inside the box. I believe we are part of the  program....kind of. More like the genius creators of this matrix, rather than prisoners as some people seem to believe. I used to think that way too, but all it is victim thinking and gets you no where in your self development. 

Sure, there are beings out there who do not have your best interest in mind. There are what I call Matrix bot people who tend to come in and make life difficult. If we created the Matrix, maybe we created them too. It would be kind of boring without some antagonistic characters in our lives to help us grow and show us how amazing and strong we really are. 

What can you do if you can be anywhere, do anything? This is what I really want you to think about. Your Magick is only as strong as your imagination. Don't use it for petty garbage, use it for your growth and working on yourself. Once you realize this....I mean really really realize it, you can grow more powerful than you ever thought possible.